No Fast Food

This Friday, Dec. 17, 2010, is the first ever No Fast Food (Eat Real) Day!

Consider this day as a small pre-holiday season challenge!
I say small because, it isn’t really that hard to eat real food.

That said, over the next few weeks, you may well participate in some culinary excesses. You might have a meal at a friend’s or family member’s house, perhaps someone who doesn’t (yet) share your local-food values and interests.

Or you might be travelling, and forced to choose between greasy fast food joint X and sugary donut n’ coffee joint Y. There may even be times when you will have to (shudder) choose between eating badly or not eating at all!

So, I ask this: make Friday, December 17 the day that you do make the choice to eat real, to slow down and think about the food you eat.

Today is Tuesday. This is fair warning. You have time to organize. You have time to shop. Just one day. Just try it.

No Fast Food Day is the brainchild of Food Forward, a dynamic new and super-friendly food-focused non-profit on the Toronto scene.

Sign up and commit!