School lunch

NeverSeconds is a fascinating look at the difference one nine-year-old girl can make.

Martha Payne, Scottish grade school student and food blogger, has managed to turn school lunches on their tail.

It began back in April of this year when, with the help of her father, Martha decided to start a blog to document her school lunches.

With a daily photo and written commentary, Martha rates each meal on a scale of 1 – 10 (the food-o-meter), counts the number of mouthfuls it takes to eat, provides a health rating (1-10), as well as the price it costs and the number of hairs found.

All through the eyes of a nine year old!

Since she began, Martha has succeeded in getting over three million hits, irking local authorities to the point of getting her blog banned (happily, the ban was lifted), raising £27,000 for Mary’s Meals, a charity that sets up school food projects, gained the support and best wishes from Jamie Oliver, and touched the lives of hundred of thousands children across the world who read her blog and send in pictures and comments of their own school meals.

I hope she continues. I hope other kids do the same. I hope hospital patients, if they can, follow suit.

If Martha can create this much debate over the quality of institutionalized meals, surely we all can do something too.

Way to go, girl!





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