LFP logoKeep your eye out for the LocalFoodPlus logo.

LocalFoodPlus is a Canadian non-profit that certifies local sustainable food producers. The LFP stickers and in-store promotional labels help you identify which items are both local and sustainable—meaning they come from the local farmers who use few or no nasty chemicals, treat their animal well, conserve soil and water, and protect wildlife.

Really, these are the good guys. And you want to support them.

LFP got started back in 2006 when they launched a program with U of T that made the university the first on the continent to formally commit to purchasing only locally produced food for their St. George campus cafeterias and residences.

Today they’ve come a long way and have an impressive win-win-win program that helps the farmer, the retailer and the consumer benefit from the growing demand for local & sustainable food.

And while LFP helps shoppers like us identify the super star local food items on store shelves and at markets (hooray for stickers!), the program also helps farmers see the advantage of adopting sustainable production practices, provides 3rd party certification to back up their claim, helps farmers connect with new markets and vendors, and provides promotional marketing through their website and newsletter, as well as in-store differentiation.

Love these guys. Check them out yourself for more info.

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