The End of Food
The End of FoodHow the food industry is destroying our food supply — and what you can do about it

By Thomas F. Pawlick

This is the book I had wanted to write after I completed my natural nutrition program. Turns out it was part of the curriculum.

Pawlick, an investigative science journalist and experienced organic farmer, takes a critical look at our current food production practices in North America and blasts our misguided system that places profit over quality and sustainability.

He starts with a story about a single bright red tomato and a simple question that we have all asked: why is it so hard?

This question introduces a fascinating look at incredible industrial farming practices that have left our soil depleted of the nutrients it needs to produce plants of any nutritional value, poisoned water systems, destroyed wildlife, spread disease, ruined rural communities and, I would say, endangered the health of the general public.

The End of Food is informative, scary, sometimes dizzying and downright depressing, but Pawlick is trying to piss us off. Why? Because there’s no reason we need to be doing this. These are man-made problems that began in an era when we didn’t know any better. But we know better now, and Pawlick argues it’s time to do something about it. I agree.

The End of Food is an absolute must-read for anyone interested in the quality of the food they eat.

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